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Standard memory cardware


Memory cardware is a MB cardware from Special Agent OSO and Spriters Resource by VG resource.


  1. Octo-Puzzle / One Suitcase Is Now Enough
  2. Quantum Of Celery / Drink Another Day
  3. Hide Another Day / Live and Let Dry
  4. To Grandma With Love / Gold Flower
  5. License To Chill / GoldenFly
  6. Tie Another Day / You Only Start Preschool Once
  7. Lost And Get Found / A View To The Truth
  8. A View To A Goal / Sweep Another Day
  9. Goldputter / Live And Leaf Rub
  10. A View To A Mask / Pumpkin Eyes
  11. Quantum Of Sauce / The Girl With The Folded Clothes
  12. Sock Puppet Royale / Costume Of Solace