Season 1, Episode 1 (iOS) & Season 1, Episode 20 (Android)– Never Say No Brushing Again / The Girl With The Golden Book

Never Say No Brushing Again: For his training mission, Oso is to install a device into the spacejet to keep it flying well. While trying to unlatch the door open to install the device, Paw Pilot calls in a special alert. Oso takes a break from his mission to help a boy, Danny, brush his teeth. Can Oso help Danny keep his teeth clean so his mother can read his new bedtime storybook?

The Girl With the Golden Book: While putting together a puzzle for his training mission, Oso gets a special alert. A girl named Samantha has a storybook with a page torn by her baby brother, and its up to Oso to help her repair it. Can he help her put the ripped page back together before her mother finishes giving her baby brother a bath?