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"Oso's the One", also known as simply "Oso", is a promotional song for the series, Special Agent Oso. The song was released as a Playhouse Disney (later Disney Junior) music video, as well as on the album Playhouse Disney: Let's Dance as the 25th and final track. The song, running 1:29, was performed by Mr. Dos (the head of U.N.I.Q.U.E.) and a group of female backing vocalists. The song's musical style and lyrics are vaguely reminiscent of those of the theme of the original Shaft film. It extols Oso's many special qualities and vehicles. The music video mainly uses clips from the Special Agent Oso television series.


Mr. Dos: Mr Dos here, to talk about a special agent i know, His name is...

Female Vocalists: Oso

Mr. Dos: Who is the stuffed bear with cool vehicles to spare, That help him travel everywhere.

Female Vocalists: Special Agent Oso

Mr. Dos: Ha ha ha ha, look at him go!

Female Vocalists: Special Agent Oso

Mr. Dos: Oh, That Oso is out of sight!

Mr. Dos: Who's got the number six sports car...

Female Vocalists: Sports car