Here are the episodes from season 1 of Special Agent OSO.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Scores: 24
  • Episodes: 24


  1. Never Say No Brushing Again / The Girl With The Golden Book- Easy Lvl.1
  2. Hopscotch Royale / Goldringer- Easy Lvl.2
  3. Hide Another Day / Live And Let Dry- Easy Lvl.2
  4. The Girl Who Cheered Me / License To Twirl- Easy Lvl.2
  5. For Your Show And Tell Only / Piggy Bank Royale- Easy Lvl.3
  6. Dr.Off / License To Dress- Easy Lvl.1
  7. To Grandma With Love / Gold Flower- Easy Lvl.1
  8. License To Clean / On Her Cousin's Special Salad- Easy Lvl.1
  9. A View To A Book / Diamonda Are For Kites- Easy Lvl.2
  10. The Living Flashlight / Sand Castle Royale- Easy Lvl.2
  11. Goldfeather / Live And Let Ride- Easy Lvl.2
  12. The Three Wheels Are Not Enough / A Zoo To A Thrill- Easy Lvl.2
  13. The Boy With The Golden Gift / Birthdays Are Forever- Easy Lvl.2
  14. Carousel Royale / Leaf Raker- Easy Lvl.2
  15. Octo-Puzzle / One Suitcase Is Now Enough- Easy Lvl.3
  16. Live And Jump Rope / A View To A Kitten- Easy Lvl.2
  17. For Your Ice Only / Coldfingers- Easy Lvl.1
  18. Tie Another Day / For Your Only Start Pre-school At Once- Easy Lvl.2
  19. For Your Pies Only / The Plates Are Not Enough- Easy Lvl.3
  20. Recycling Is Forever / Goldswinger- Easy Lvl.4
  21. Thunder Berries / Flowers Are Forever- Easy Lvl.2
  22. License To Chill / Goldenfly- Easy Lvl.2
  23. For Your Nice Bunny / For Pancakes With Love- Easy Lvl.3
  24. Nobody Who Draws It Better / Thunder Bubble- Easy Lvl.4