Here are the episodes from season 2 of Special Agent OSO.

  • Dfficulty: Hard
  • Scores: 33
  • Episodes: 33


  1. Quantum of Sandwich / Thunder Muffin- Hard Lvl.8
  2. Goldputter / Live And Leaf Rub- Hard Lvl.6
  3. The Man With The Golden Retriever / The Chairs Are Not Enough- Hard Lvl.7
  4. Dr.Juice / For Your Nose Only- Hard Lvl.8
  5. Goldscooter / The Boy With The Coloring Crayons- Hard Lvl.6
  6. Sock Puppet Royale / Costume Of Solace- Hard Lvl.10
  7. For Angels With Snow / Dr.Snow- Hard Lvl.9
  8. Dr.Go / For Your Bed Only- Hard Lvl.5
  9. Best Friends Are Forever / For Your School Days Only- Hard Lvl.7
  10. Quantum Of Celery / Drink Another Day- Hard Lvl.7
  11. Another Way To Fly / A View To A Ball- Hard Lvl.6
  12. For China With Love / Thunder Basket- Hard Lvl.9
  13. Colors Royale / Cleanfingers- Hard Lvl.5
  14. A View To A Goal / Sweep Another Day- Hard Lvl.6
  15. A View To A Mask / Pumpkin Eyes- Hard Lvl.10
  16. License To Sled / Snowflakes Are Forever- Hard Lvl.7
  17. Dr.Throw / Nobody Who Plays It Better- Hard Lvl.6
  18. An Old McDonald's Special Song / Snapfingers- Hard Lvl.8
  19. Quantum Of Sauce / The Girl With The Folded Clothes- Hard Lvl.9
  20. Greenfinger / For Your Sleepy Eyes Only- Hard Lvl.5
  21. Live And Let Heal / Goldenfish- Hard Lvl.5
  22. For Tamles With Love / Piñata Royale- Hard Lvl.10
  23. Lost And Get Found / A View To The Truth- Hard Lvl.7
  24. License To Order / Table Manners Are Forever- Hard Lvl.6
  25. A View To A Fire Drill / Thunderbelt- Hard Lvl.8
  26. License To Cheer Up / For Your Only Vote At Once- Hard Lvl.9
  27. Dye Another Egg / Dr.Skip- Hard Lvl.9
  28. For Your Hands Only / Thunderbeam- Hard Lvl.5
  29. Freeze Dance Royale / The Boy With The Cardboard Fort- Hard Lvl.7
  30. Goldfanner / Connect Another Dot- Hard Lvl.9
  31. License To Share / Live And Be Polite- Hard Lvl.6
  32. Diamonds Are For Baseball / Tomorrow Never Ducks- Hard Lvl.10
  33. The Sitter Who Watched Me / Potty Royale- Hard Lvl.10