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Standard shuffle cardware


Shuffle cardware is a TB cardware from Special Agent OSO and Sounds Resource by VG Resource.


  1. A View To A Book / Diamonds Are For Kites
  2. Goldfeather / Live And Let Ride
  3. Live And Jump Rope / A View To A Kitten
  4. For Your Pies Only / The Plates Are Not Enough
  5. For Your Nice Bunny / For Pancakes With Love
  6. The Girl Who Cheered Me / License To Twirl
  7. Dr. Off / License To Dress
  8. Another Way To Fly / A View To A Ball
  9. The Man With The Golden Retriever / The Chairs Are Not Enough
  10. For Angels With Snow / Dr. Snow
  11. Greenfinger / For Sleepy Eyes Only
  12. License To Order / Table Manners Are Forever
  13. Dye Another Egg / Dr. Skip
  14. Freeze Dance Royale / The Boy With The Cardboard Fort
  15. Diamonds Are For Baseball / Tomorrow Never Ducks