The Oso Comics are made by Matthew Frick. It's about a bear who fights crime.


The Adventures of Special Agent Oso : When Kyle becomes a servant, will Oso defeat him?

Oso and the Polar Transferer : When the printers bacame monsters, it's up to Oso to defeat them.

Oso and the Wrath of Mr. Rope : A batch of ropes transformed into zombies. Will Oso defeat Mr. Rope?

Oso and the Lard King : When a piece of lard was at a chicken booth, Oso gets a plan to kill the Lard King. 

Oso and the World of Doom : When the earth becomes "haunted", will Oso kill the U.F.O.?

Oso and the Egypt E-chips : When a stupid triangle enters, will Oso get them?

Oso in 7x2=14 Eyes : A teacher named Mrs. Nerdy becomes a 14-eyed monster. Will Oso defeat her?

Oso Gets In Peril : When a bad song enters, will Oso stop it before the students become skeletons?

  1.  Oso in The Danger Games : A mean goober makes driving worse--- will Oso stop him?

Oso in Revenge Of Kyle the Servant : When Kyle gets out of his graveyard, it's up to Oso to defeat him: AGAIN!

Oso and the Samurai King : When a ninja (a big one) entered, will Oso stop him before chops the WORLD?

Oso in How the Stretch Started Chaos : A line enters. Will Oso stop him before he gets tied up?

Oso and the King of Dandruff : When dandruff hits Peckin, will Oso stop that neusance?

Oso in Clipped Bored : When a clipboard makes all the students bored, Oso takes his match at Burger King.

Oso vs Sos : When "Sos" split themselves, will Oso defeat them?

Oso in "Bee"ing Not Cool to a Bee : When Matthew (A.K.A., narrator) becomes evil, will Oso stop him?

Oso and the Wrath of Fuzzy Wuzzy : A furless bear was made fun of, but with Oso and Musa out for the count, he can't resist all that.

Oso and the Test of the Toucans : When a toucan history movie enters, will Oso stop Toco?

Oso in I Like Hens : Buffo and Oso look at a type of species, Oso has a chance to defeat these "specials".

Oso and the Chocolate Fountain : A polar transferer gets revenge... Will Oso stop him?

  1.  Oso and the Silver E-Chips : The evil pyramid is back. Will Oso get the coolness on him?
  1.  Oso and the Avian Ice Cream : When the news reporter tells the U.N.I.Q.U.E. people to run off, will Oso save Peckin?

Oso and the Platch-Doh : A "special" bar of Play-Doh comes. Can Oso get him?

Oso and the Clumsy Criminal : Oso tells the rest of the U.N.I.Q.U.E. gang about his origin.

Oso and the Shape Monster : A mean picture is written: I hate you, WOMAN. Will Oso stop the shape monster?

Oso in the Skeletons Strike Back : A horrifying movie comes out. Will Oso get the bones's attention?

Oso in Tree Trouble : When Musa makes Oso cry for 15 minutes, will he stop the trees from defeating him?

Oso and the Laser Boy : A boy named Jade uses lasers. Oso finds that trouble.

Oso, Matthew and Carson : The narrator tells how Carson ripped his old book 29.

Oso in Where's My Gun? : Oso has 100 shoots. Will he shoot the L.O.L. system?

Oso and the Troll Guy : A trollface enters. Will Oso stop the face?

Oso in The Vendys That Wanna Invade Me : Will Oso stop a monster that eats people into snacks?

Oso and the Cup Minions : When 300 cups come up, will Oso stop them for 48 hours?

Oso and the Twenty-Five Pieces : Oso and Rapid find a 25-sticked paper piece.

Oso in Back 2 the Past : Oso goes on a time machine to 5132 B.C.. Will he get back home?

Oso and the Hallow Cellar : L.O.L Worker #86 and his boss take a mean machine to the U.N.I.Q.U.E. dome.

Oso and the Sexy Sweetcakes : After Dotty's celebration, Oso has to defeat the SEXY SWEETCAKES.

Oso in The Lion Game : Oso can't find a girlfriend: but he suddenly finds trouble: a lion attacking.

Oso vs Jabba the Mutt : When Oso goes back in time to the Jabba's Palace scene, Jabba goes koo-koo for candy.

Oso Goes Off Duty : When Oso is watching TV, it's up to Wolfie to get his attention.

Oso in Tuna Techniques: When Buffo makes an awful food, things go wrong.

  1. (upcoming) 

Oso, Dotty, Wolfie, and the MegAcademy: When MegaTron and Peckin get morphed together, Oso, Wolfie, and Dotty face their fightingness.

  1. (upcoming) 

Oso Gets Back to Work: When summer is over, Oso thinks it's STILL summer.

  1. (upcoming) 

Oso in The Gooby Gum: Jari gets his revenge by making a yucky pack of "gum". Will Oso stop him?

  1. (upcoming) 

Oso in the Pie Transferers: The Polar Transferers were upgraded and needed to transform Oso into a pie.

  1. (upcoming) 

Oso in Range 'em High!  : A rodeo of ropes come. Will Oso stop that fury?

  1.  (upcoming) Oso Drains It: When L.O.L. Worker #16 plugs a drain and dials Oso's phone number, things go wrong.
  1. (upcoming) 

Oso Makes His Latest Move: Another attempt comes to the Shapes Monster. Will Oso stop him?

  1. (upcoming) 

Oso's Digi-Month : 112 Digi-medals? Oso has MOAR stuff to do like bowling, making a set, and 3D-nitizing himself.

  1. (upcoming) 

Oso in U.N.I.Q.U.E. Or M.E.A.N.I.E. : When Oso and Snuggles meet, Wolfie keeps sending Snuggles back.

TBA. It's An Oso Christmas!: When Kyle makes an evil monster to beat up the humanity, Buffo gets disguised as a snow monster.

The Character's First AppearanceEdit

Special Agent Oso (character) : Book 1

Special Agent Wolfie : Book 9

Special Agent Dotty : Book 9

Professor Buffo: Book 14

Special Agent Musa: Book 14

R.R. Rapide : Book 26

Whirlybird : Book 28

Matthew Allan Frick: Book 1

Paw Pilot : Book 16

Mr. Dos : Book 40, mentioned on book 38

Shutterbug : Book 41, mentioned on book 38

Peckin Students: Book 1

Police: Book 9

French Chef: Book 37

The Villains's First AppearanceEdit

Kyle the Servant : Book 1

The Polar Transferer : Book 2

Mr. Rope : Book 3

The Lard King : Book 4

U.F.O. : Book 2

The Evil Pyramid : Book 6

14-eyed Monster (A.K.A. Mrs. Nerdy ): Book 7

Skeletons : Book 8

Jari Goober : Book 9

Samurai King : Book 11

The Stretch : Book 12

King of Dandruff : Book 13

Clipboard of Boredom : Book 14

Sos : Book 15 (one was fooled to be a mascot and one appeared to be Oso's dad )

The Evil Bee : Book 16

Fuzzy Wuzzy : Book 17

Toco the Toucan : Book 18

"Special" Hen : Book 19

Avian Ice Cream : Book 22

"Special" Play-Doh : Book 23

Clumsy Criminal : Book 24

The Shapes Monster : Book 25

Tear Trees : Book 27

Jade(Oso Comics) : Book 28

Carson Kolzig : Book 29 (was narration of how The Art Witch got ripped in half)

The L.O.L. System : Book 30

Troolface Stickman : Book 31

Evil Vending Machine : Book 32

The 300 Cup Minions : Book 33

Cut-up 25-pieced Paper : Book 34

Hallow Cellar : Book 36

Sexy Sweetcakes : Book 37

Lion : Book 38

Jabba the Hutt/Jabba the Mutt : Book 39

There was no villians to defeat in book 35.


Season 1 (Episodes 1 to 10)

Season 2 (Episodes 11 to 20)

Season 3 (Episodes 21 to 30)

Season 4 (Episodes 31 to 40)

Season 5 (Episode 41)

How To Draw OsoEdit

How to Draw Oso is another book. There are five How to Draw Oso books.


WOLFE592 (Book 40)

Dotty's Space Jet (Book 37)

Jetpack (Book 1)

Oso's Car (Book 16)

P-World Cars (Book 35)

Mentioned CharactersEdit

Other Ropes (Book 3)

Little People (Book 4)

Haunted Houses (Book 5)

Doctor (Book 7)

Other Skeletons (Book 8)

People in Terence Costume (Book 16)

Build-a Bear Workshop Fans (Book 17)

Other Toucans (Book 18)

Other "Special" Hens (Book 19)

Camel (Book 21)

Skelly Dear Skelly (movie) (Book 26)

L.O.L. Guys (minus 1, 7, 8, 13, 14, 47, 58, 72, and 86) (Book 30)

Cup Minions (minus 192) (Book 33)

Nowhere Shapes (Book 35)

Luke Skywalker (Book 39)

Han Solo in Carbonite (Book 39)

C-3PO (speaking mentioned on Book 39)

Sandy Cheeks (Book 21)

SpongeBob SquarePants (Book 40)

Thomas the Tank Engine (Book 40)

Bob & Larry (Book 40)

Future CaractersEdit

  1.  Vapeur
  1. Villains, Villians and MORE Villians
  1. Summer Goober
  1. Kyle's Snow Monster

The Future of The Oso ComicsEdit

  • They will return new comic books on the first day of school.

What's Between TV Series and Comic Series?Edit

TV Series: They have aired 113 episodes and the caracters were three demensional.

Comics: Matthew has aired 41 episodes and the caracters were two demensional.

Deceased CharactersEdit

  • Captain Underpants: Got killed by Kyle, the transferers and the Evil Pyramid.
  • Little Fellow: Got in carbonite after he said, "Help!"
  • U.F.O.: Shot by Oso in book 5.
  • Pileup of Drivers: A few got killed.
  • Samurai King: Was killed by Oso in book 11.
  • The Stretch: Turned into a square.
  • Kyle the Servant: Became "eyes". However, he returned in book 10 and book 27.
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy: Was nuzzied and arrested and made fun of.
  • L.O.L. System: All 100 shot in book 30. However, they returned in book 36.
  • Tear Trees. Chopped and became a board game.
  • Skeletons: Turned back into people.
  • Trollface Stickman: Killed and eaten by Oso as the predator.
  • Vending Machine: Turned back into normal ol' SNAX place.
  • Polar Transferer: Eaten as dessert in book 20.
  • Mr. Rope: Got stuck in Bikini Bottom in book 40.


The Song was the Angry Birds Theme Song.