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Thundersmall is a half-hour episode which airs on January 23, 2012. This is the episode 3 of the movie.


Oso's pessimism has gotten the best of him when he accidentally caused Buffo's Thundersmall device to shrink him, Wolfie, Dotty, Buffo and Whirlybird, and Wolfie and Dotty were sucked into the laundry room. Since Mr. Dos and Paw Pilot never assigned Oso an assignment like that, it's all up to Oso to rescue Wolfie and Dotty as he faces his greatest challenge yet.


  • Since Oso was promoted to a full-time special agent and gave up Paw Pilot for the next special agent in-training, it is not a TV show episode. It is a movie episode.
  • This is technically the series finale.
  • Oso sings the 3 special steps song with Paw Pilot for the first, and so far only time.
  • This is the final appearances of Oso, Wolfie, Dotty, Buffo, Paw Pilot, & Whirlybird.
  • This is Oso's final assignment before getting promoted to be a real special agent.